Next Generation

Professional search of Buyers and Investors for small Companies

SoVadis records your company holistically, assesses the value of the firm and drafts a marketing concept. Additionally, we search Individuals, Companies and Investors for small- and mid-size enterprises through a professional approach. Within this process we cooperate  with partners within our network on a case-by-case basis and offer you a comprehensive service of best quality. 

Succession process

Phase 1: Sales Preparation

We comprehensively assess the business model and the economical position of your company as a base for a company valuation. A sales presentation will be drafted and potential  profiles of buyers who might be individuals, companies as well as investors, will be defined.  


Phase 2: Search and Selection of prospective Buyers 

We develop a meaningful search strategy in cooperation with the seller, which will be specifically tailored to the individual succession mandate. SoVadis guides and moderates the negotiations between the prospective buyers and  the vendor.


Phase 3: Conclusion of Sales and Handover 

We accompany the due diligence process which allows the buyer to conduct a detailed risk assessment. We  moderate the sales negotiations between the parties and support the negociation success through a clear focus in the discussion on the transaction-relevant topics. Through our experience we  support you during the preparation phase of the handover to allow an optimal entrance for the new owner.  

Based on our experience in business and management consultancy, in operative management functions as well as in recruiting, we will find a suitable buyer for your company who will guide your firm into a new era.