Personnel Services

Management, Mid-Level und Specialists

Recruiting Process

Preferably SoVadis consults on the base of Mandates and takes advantage of multiple search channels. Hereby we clarify the personal, professional and industry-specific requirements in detail. We check our network in the respective industries and analyze the market with specificly chosen methods and by using suitable media. Due to our people skills, our engagement in the search process and a high consulting competence, we deliver profiles, which fit to your company.

Supervisory Board

The search and selection of Supervisory Board Members is focussed on bodies of small and mid-size companies. Hereby, we take care that new members will culturally fit well into the team. We ensure that the individual personalities and there competencies strengthen the board.


Next Generation

We consult you thoroughly through a comperhensive process, including pre-sales consultancy, company valuation, search and selection of potential buyers, transaction management up to the final conclusion of contract. With a cross-industry-focus on small to mid-size companies we are looking for the most suitable buyer for your business.